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Quiznos Website Review & Ratings + Quiznos Coupons

Quiznos: Products & Services

Quiznos is a franchised, privately held limited liability corporation that offers quick-serve meals in their restaurants, featuring chef-inspired sandwiches and salads.  The restaurant is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  The healthy fast food chain specializes in offering toasted subs, although they may be served untoasted per request.  Quiznos is the second-largest sub shop chain in North America, secondary only to Subway.

Quiznos: Company Background

In 1978, Terrell Braly, along with a group of investors, converted a closed Sinclair gas station, located at 1275 Grant Street in Denver, Colorado into a sandwich shop called "Sandwich World".  Hussain "Jeff" Jaffarie, the store manager at the time, began the practice of toasting sandwiches in a pizza oven that had been provided by Tombstone Pizza.

In 1979, a competing venue, "Footers Restaurant", opened across the street. Owned by Jimmy Lambatos and Todd Disner, this business offered to buy the larger and better located "Sandwich World" operation. The take-over was accepted in early 1980. The new owners of changed the name to "Quiznos" and began a franchising operation.  Although Quiznos may not have originated the concept of toasted sandwich, many competitors began offering similar sandwiches. Subway and Boston Market began offering toasted subs Boston Market in 2005 and Blimpie in 2006. 

To date, there are over 4,000 Quiznos locations in the United States, 300 in Canada, and 100 more worldwide in Brazil, Mexico, Central America, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, The Philippines, Sint Maarten, South Korea, Singapore, Venezuela and The Middle East in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Quiznos: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Quiznos has been recommend by 80% of visitors who reviewed or rated it at Urbanspoon.com.  The quick-serve eatery has attained 8 likes by consumers on Urbanspoon.comEpinions.com consumers have given the restaurant 3 out of 5 based on 166 consumer reviews.  Fastfoodgeek has given Quiznos' Lobster & Seafood Sub 2.5 out of 5 stars.  Quiznos has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating for their location at 8450C Edgewater Drive in Oakland, California on Yelp

Adam at Grubgrade.com has reviewed Quiznos Honey Bourbon Chicken Sub.  His review states, "The Honey Bourbon Chicken is one of Quiznos' “Classic Subs” and practically their only sub offered without cheese or a mayo-based sauce. For that reason, the combination of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, “Honey Bourbon Mustard”, and ”Zesty Grille Sauce” earns this sub the perennial “Eat This” tag for those looking to go a little healthier. Yet at $5.99 for a regular sub, it’s smaller and more expensive than one of Subway’s regular Five Dollar Footlongs. But more upsetting to me is that it falls under one of the most ambiguously defined fast casual coupon policies known to man, and that, despite having no restriction against the use of the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” option in conjunction with a regular flatbread, my family member had to fork over an extra $5.99 for the sub. At $12 total for a snack and lunch, the second of my Quiznos' experiences was going to have to be better than the first for me to be willing to try the chain again.

The good news is that’s it’s pretty tasty for a “healthy” sub, and has a bit more flavor than the similar chicken breast sub that Subway offers as part of their low-fat menu. Unfortunately, the sub fails to live up to Quiznos' own lofty standards of quality ingredients, and can’t match up when it comes to similar items as the same price point.
I was pleased by the portion of chicken I received on the sub, but less than impressed with its quality. For $5.99 I’m expecting a whole chicken breast that has been grilled in-house, but the chicken – while plentiful – was of the standard pre-grilled strip variety. What you get is salty and enhanced tasting meat that’s only rescued by the Honey Bourbon Mustard. I really liked this mustard actually, but found myself wanting more of it than was on the sub. The honey taste is a little too restrained given the saltiness of the meat, but the sauce manages to convey a respectable tang and acidity.
I wasn’t very impressed with the vegetables or bread. Granted, some drop off is expected because of the time delay from the original order, but the sub just kind of looked without color or brightness, and it was reflected in the taste. The Artisan Wheat is more like “par for the course” wheat, while the tomatoes were unremarkable. For $5.99 you might think red onions and spinach would be part of the vegetable mixture, but instead, a weak iceberg and generic diced white onions stood in.

All things considered, I guess you could say I’m 0-2 at Quiznos. While fairly tasty as a low-fat sub, the Honey Bourbon Chicken is not worth its $5.99 price tag. If you’re looking for an average tasting sub you’d probably be better to go to Subway, where at least the portions are larger and the prices better. If you’re looking for an “artisan” sub? Well, you’ve got me there.". 

Quiznos: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Length of time Quiznos has been operating.
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
  • Response to 10 complaints filed against Quiznos.
  • Resolution of complaints filed against Quiznos.
  • BBB has sufficient background information on Quiznos.
Quiznos: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Quiznos.com is ranked 41,129 in the world according to its three-month Alexa Traffic Rank.  The site has attained an Alexa Traffic Rank of 12,964 among users in The United States, where Alexa estimates that 86 percent of its audience is located. Relative to the overall population of internet users, the site's audience tends to be female; it also appeals more to people browsing from home who have no postgraduate education and have incomes between $30,000 and $100,000. Quiznos.com has a United States Quantcast Traffic Rank of 2,256 as well as a United States Compete Traffic Rank of 5,640 and a  Google Page Rank of 7. 

Quiznos: Social Media Presence
Quiznos: Website Security & Safety

Quiznos.com has been assessed for the safety of your computer as well as financial and personal information by Google Safe Browsing.  The trusted diagnostic tool tested 50 pages on the fast food sub chain's website over the past 90 days and no pages tested resulted in malicious software being downloaded and/or installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on March 20, 2013.

Quiznos: Pricing & Packages
Prices are individual to each different Quiznos franchise location, but you can locate a specific location in your locale here to see pricing options.  Some pricing options are shown in the review shown below on The Quiznos Value Menu, entitled Lunch for $3.  

Quiznos' latest promotion of its $5 $4 $3 value menu really caught my attention. Though the value menu has been a consistent Quiznos message for quite some time, the "Singimals" commercials are a new addition. The ads feature kittens singing 5-4-3 message to the tune of "Three Blind Mice," and when I listened to the chanting, the price points were almost hard to believe, even for me. So I ventured out to my nearest Quiznos to investigate. I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings - both the quality and quantity of food exceeded my expectations, underscoring the value.

Recently, restaurants have been anchoring customers at key price points, typically $5 for sandwiches - owing to both Quiznos and Subway's recent marketing - so I was truly curious what $3 would buy me. As a pricing nerd, I often lament inflation - allow me to date myself. I remember when candy bars cost $.20; a gallon of milk was $1; and my lunch in downtown Boston was just under $3.00. The lunch was a bowl of soup for $2.75, and it was filling and nutritious. In those days, I could get a sizable Greek salad for $3.25. Nowadays, soup is more in the $5 range, basic sandwiches are more like $6 to $7, and salads run nearly $7 to $9.

So I was curious what a $3 Quiznos sandwich would be like, and wondered if my local store is participating. Sure enough, when I arrived, I saw table tents and a menu board panel promoting $5 $4 $3 and got down to business. I chose two Flatbread Sammies for $5 - a Bistro Steak Melt and an Italiano. I could not buy 1 for $2.50, since the deal is for 2. A la carte, these cost $2.99 at the store I visited - this price looked like a deviation from the standard menu, as a sticker covered a pre-printed price. But I figured I'd need 2 to make up a filling portion. I also ordered a Pesto Turkey Toasty Bullet, which is the $3 sandwich.

I stole away with the goods so I could examine them more closely, and am happy to say that you can indeed buy lunch for $3 again. First I tried the Sammies. These toasted pitas (Quiznos calls them flat-breads) are about 6" in diameter, and are bigger and more substantial than the wrap-like creation I expected for $2.50. The Italiano contains ham, salami, pepperoni, capicola, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and pesto, which really added to the taste quotient. Two Sammies constitute a filling and enjoyable meal. My eyes are often bigger than my stomach, so I doubt one on its own would be enough, but it looks like nearly enough for a meal.  And two would definitely satisfy. I'm willing to bet that for average eaters, this $5 pair would do the trick. Growing teenage athletes might need more, but for an average appetite, this would be enough food. 

The Toasty Bullet is an 8" sub-style sandwich on roll (slim and soft deli baguette, in Quiznos lingo), and I again wondered if the portion would be enough to fill someone. This sandwich is a great value - the combination of turkey, cheese, pesto, lettuce, tomatoes and vinaigrette was quite tasty. The roll is narrow, and is certainly enough to fill someone. I liked the fact that the bread to filling ratio felt well-balanced - I had feared it would be all bread with a little turkey, but the proportion was nice. Had I been eating this sandwich on its own, it would definitely have satisfied, and probably filled me. And I felt like I got more than $3 worth - it was not a dinky or paltry portion by any stretch.

Amid reports of the chain's struggles during this woeful economy, I have read far less about Quiznos franchisee backlash than I have about other value programs - think Burger King. It's understandable and common for franchisees to be concerned about lost margin, and these value programs seek to bring back lost traffic. Whether you think value offerings help or hurt brands, I think one thing is clear: the $5 $4 $3 offerings provide customers with value."

According to a review "Sub Smackdown", written by Adam Platt, "Quiznos Double Cheese-steak sandwich is priced at $8.99.  Comparatively, Subway Big Philly Cheese-steak sub costs $8.25.  Quiznos Classic Italian sandwich costs $7.99.  In comparison, Subway Spicy Italian submarine costs $5.  Quiznos Turkey & Cheddar sub is priced at $4.99.  In contrast, Subway Turkey Breast sandwich costs $5."

Quiznos: Shipping Rates & Policies
Quiznos e-gift cards are delivered via e-mail or via Facebook to your recipient and can be specifically delivered on the future date of your designation. You may choose from multiple color designs and personalize your Quiznos e-gift card with your own personal message.  Quiznos e-gift cards can be redeemed online or in a restaurant.
Quiznos: Payment Methods Accepted
If you are a returning customer to Quiznos.com, you may log in to use your saved information on online orders for pick-up or delivery.  You can even invite others to join your order so everyone can pay for food in one bulk order online to be delivered or picked up.

Quiznos Payments Accepted Online

  • American Express Credit Cards
  • Discover Credit Cards
  • Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards
  • Visa Credit and Debit Cards
  • Quiznos Gift Cards
Quiznos Payments Accepted Online
  • American Express Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Discover Credit Cards
  • Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards
  • Visa Credit and Debits Cards
Quiznos: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Quiznos does not offer a return policy, however, to offer feedback or get resolution to any issues you may have with your order or you food, you can contact Quiznos here.  When sending feedback, be sure to note the appropriate location or include it in your message.  For Technical Support for Quiznos' Online Ordering, feel free to call (866) 595-6911 for assistance.  Technical Support personnel cannot accept food orders. Quiznos Online Ordering is located at the address conveniently listed below.

Quiznos' Online Ordering
5605 Chapel Hill Road
Raleigh, NC 27607

Quiznos: Product images & screenshots
Quiznos Coupons
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